“The love of economy is the root of all virtue” - George Bernard Shaw

The first ever Economics based event of Intaglio, Oikonomics begins by evaluating the knowledge of basic economics and quickly takes off to testing your ability to think in all directions and think on the spot, and think at the global & political levels. The event gets complex when factors such as social ideology, geography, economic status and political stability interact, you have to take decisions, through which the monetary and economic policy of nations, group of nations and international bodies take shape.

  • ROUND 1

    Online Quiz-30-40 MCQs testing fundamentals of Economics from all domains. 30 teams to be shortlisted.

  • ROUND 2

    Short Abstract submission submission or online simulation game. (More details to be shared later)

  • ROUND 3

    Case solution submission and on-campus case presentation

Point of Contact

Sreetika Ray Mohapatra
Vaibhav Bahl


  • Registration is allowed in teams of sizes 2 to 4
  • Team members have to be from the same college
  • There is no limit to the number of entries from a college
  • Individuals can not be a part of more than one team
  • The decisions taken by the organisers are final
   Prize Amount 30,000