“Collaborate, Conquer & Scale”

Of the endless list of resources that a company owns, People are, by far, the most important resource for most companies. The role of HR has been looked down-upon for a long time. Things have come a long way since then. HR, like the rest of management, is an art as well as a science – One that uses analytical frameworks, bell shaped curves and so on. Intaglio’s HR event called – Synergize, invites students from across the country to tell their skills on various aspects of HR – from Role Management, recruitment, compensation management and so on.

  • ROUND 1

    Online quiz to challenge aptitude, knowledge and logic.

  • ROUND 2

    Simulation / Case submission (Details to be revealed soon).

  • ROUND 3

    Case submission and on-campus case presentation.

Point of Contact

Abhishek Paul
Sumit Kathuria


  • Registration is allowed in teams of sizes 2 to 4
  • Team members have to be from the same college
  • There is no limit to the number of entries from a college
  • Individuals can not be a part of more than one team
  • The decisions taken by the organisers are final
   Prize Amount 30,000